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we knew that a recovery would ensue, and we knew that a battle against -- [ inaudible ] controversial one to send a message that we could do it. we did it then. we could do it again. we could do it again. thank you very much. captioned by closed captioning services, inc ♪ ♪ thank you, neil. the day of change and remembrance and reflection across the great country. nine years after terrorists hijacked our airplanes and attacked our country, those wh lost loved ones laying flowers. police and first responders paying tribute. enormous show of american flags and pride in honor of the lives lost on that horrific day. we're here, there again on september 11. good afternoon, everybody. wherever you are in this
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country. i'm bill hemmer. thank you for being with us. how are you doing, martha? >> fine. to see you and good to have you with us. this is a special day, of corse, a day we stop and remember. and we think about what is now called ground zero. we watch the pentagon. and the scenes from there. and, of course, shanksville, pennsylvania. all of those sites of rvices today, to honor the many who gave the ultimate sacrifice o n september 11, 2001. >> we have a great line-up for you in the next two hours. in a moment, we'll be joined by the former mayor rudy giuliani, a bit later here. he knows the memorials too well. beginning this morning. in lower manhattan with a moment of silence. 8:46 a.m. that's the time t the first plane hit the first tow they' -- tower that tuesday morning. >> at this time, please join us and allmo new yorkers in a moment of silence. [ moment of silence ]
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[ bells toll ] [ silence ]
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lorraine g. bay. [ bells toll ]>> todd m. beamer. ]
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[ bells toll ] it is always the faces somehow that are the most telling of the images and the emotions we see on this day. we'll be sharing a lot of what we have seen already as we move throughout the afternoon here. first stop today is ground zero in lower manhattan. that is where eric shawn is positioned today. and a eric,ood afternoon to you. >> good afternoon, bill, martha. it haseen a day of tears and tributes here at ground
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zero. intensely personal, emotional day. as the family members of those who perished nine years ago this morning, gathered once again in honor and remembrance and there were those four poignant moments of silence. [ bells toll ] >> those moments of silence mark the times the two planes hit both tower and the glming buildings fell, 10:28 a.m. nine years ago. there were carrying signs and photographs and flowers and the american flag, as the families gathered in heartbreak. read the list of the 2,752 nam names. each team that read the list, one includ a relative of the victims.
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this especially, emotional and poignant commemoration of thisanniversary, considering the ongoing debate over that islamic center two blocks away. earlier, joe biden and his wife jill laid a wreath at reflecting pool and read a poem. others, mayor michael blooerg and family members reflected on the meaning of this day. >> we have learnednch by inch the best day through the dark night of our personal sorrow i link our hands with those who can lead us toward the daybreak of new day. >> let us remember this is not a celebration. a day to be somber and reflect on all the thousands of people that died for us in the united states. thank u. >> my father, jose, there isn't a day that goes by that
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we don't miss you and love you. >> the reading of the names hould be wrapping up shortly. tonight, another tribute. tribute in light, the two beams represented in the twin towers will be lit ltonight. all evening. almost as t if the twin towers are still here. those lights seen throughout the new york city area disappear. bill? >> it's a remarkable sight, too. especially on a clear day as we expect throughout the day here. eric shawn is down at ground zero. to the vie rs at home, you can see the cranes behind m. later t we'll get back to eric and let you know there issulia progress. substantial progress to advance the construction site. and the memorials in lower manhattan. back to eric later. >> that what fls different about today. you see that progress, you see the movement of what is built there. for the memories come
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flooding back as you look to voices of the family members at ground zero this morning. we all remember that day and watching it all unfold. wman, as we remember, who had the task of telling president bush that america was under attack. >> page 153. >> you cannot forget those moments. >> cameras were rolling in the classroom. the predent was in florida visiting students. they were talking about reading. the white house chief of staff andy card as you saw ahe moment ago approached president bush as he was in the classroom. then got word in his ear that the second tower had been attacked. and that inde america was under attack. he said thi ws was no accident
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that was unfolding at the world trade center. andy cardha reflects on that day, his memories what it was like for him to be in that position, that room, in that moment. he will join us in a little while on this special edition of america's news >> headquarters on september 11. >> day of a remembrance. it's a day of progress. you can see for yourself here. what has happened to the rld trade center site in one year, that is visible as om and start to emerge take shape. the freedom tower now nears 0 of its eventual 109 stscories. the skyscraper expected to be completed in the year 2013. it will be the tallest building in america. today you can see the outline of reflecting pools with the 9/11 memorial and museum. they will stretch eight or nine stories deep bo the ground, down there below the street surface of low manhattan.ff
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the officials promise to open the memorial plaza by this date next year, 9/11/2011, een years after the attacks to the day. that will be remarkable. decade later. >> who can forget that this important element of the story, on thely deadly day, the man known as america's mayor in weeks t lhat follow. he led the city literally through the dark in the hours of that morning. promising to help them stand strong in the face of terrorism. rudy giuliani pauses to remember lives lost in september 11. he spoke to us in tamerica's proposed about the islamic center near groundnd w zero and what he thinks should happen. >> i'm trying to figure out if the imam is a man of god and of healing. or a man of confrontation. i believe a man of healing and god would move out of respect for the people who lost loved ones there, who feel really strongly about
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this. after all, i feel strongly about it. i lived through it. mayor bloomberg feels strongly about in a different way. governor paterson feels ut strongly about in a different way. none of us lost loved ones down there. i defer toed people who lost loved ones down there. they are telling me 80-90% of them should be thoutrage. this would be really rtful. i think a man would say i need to heal. >> we have more with giuliani on america's newsroom. so many emotions and you can hear it in uliani's voice. we see the pictes of the nat geo special owa him walking through the streets to make the decision to walk out in the complete darkness. they were in what they thought might be safe spot in the building. but it is sood important that everybody walk about emotion and moment of that day. he will also talk about the
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relationships in that time that have been tightened and strengthened because of events nine years ago. he does an afternoon event for children and evening dinner for the staff members with him that day. hi will tell us about the relationship and the mosque. more from america's mayor. the president wasth speaking on the closed mosque. forcul new comment on whether or not it should be built. what he says and how it compares to what majority of americans want in lower manhattan. we hear that and talk to barbara york in a mont. >> we know the attack on 9/11 s changed america in so many ways and affecte domestic and foreign policy, it launched two wars. that still echo today. live in afghanistan where we're still fight iing those
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perpetrated the attack. >> ultimately we continue to remember lives of de3,000 people murdered on this day ni years ago. >> denise connelly. >> susan p. conlan. >> margaret mary connor. >> cynthia murray lease-come canly. >> john e. connelly junior. >> james lee connor. # activia is better than ever! hey, you guys. want to try activia's great new taste? today your tasty lucky day! , sure, why not?
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hard to get me a power chair at no cost to me. you don't qualify for medicare? no pro blem. we'll work with your insurance company, even help with financing. if there's a way, we'll find it. call the scooter store for free information today. there was onece remarkable difference this year on september 11. the days leading up to this we have seen divided tion. tempers over the proposed mosque near ground zero. and yesterday's news conference at the white house, fox's wendell goler asked president obama about that. here is the president addressing it in part about the ongoing debate i lower
12:17 pm
manhattan.y from friday afternoon. >> if you could build a church on a site. if you could o build a synagogue on a site. if you could build hindu temple on a site, then you le to build a mosque on the site. i recognize the extraordinary sensitivities around 9/11, but i go back to what i said earlier. we are not at war against islam. >> this topic today is unavoidable. byron york is fox ns contributor, chief political correspondent of "washington examiner." there was a lot said about this. did we move the ball? it appears as if that the white house is --he president is pretty set in stone on his opinion. so if anyone is going to encourage the imam rom moving the mosque, it will not come from washington.
12:18 pm
it will have to come from an outside source. how did you evaluate the answer from yesterday? >> you are right. it's not the president. what is interesting is there in widespread agreement for sides of the controversy that the group involved as illegal and constitutional right to place the mosque in that place. the question has always been is that a good idea or not? wendell goler, if you go back to listen to wendell's question he asked specifically the president to weigh in on the wisdom of placing the mosque in that location. the president didn't do it. what he said again is he affirmed the constitutional right of the group to do th that. that is not changing a lot from august 13 at the ishtar dinner at the white house and he made comments that sounded very much like he supported the project himself, not the right of the group but the project himself. he walked it back the next day and that's where he is otaying right now. >> i have not spoken to wendell specifically, but i think the reason why hesed that word "wisdom" is because
12:19 pm
that is the word the president used the following day on the gulf coast. >> exactly. >> you have the right to do it. i question the wisdom to choose that location. there is a piece inou the "wall street journal" journal today. i don't want to lose sight of what this is all about. about the families dealing with the scars for the rest of theirve lives. the "wall street journal" rerts today about some of the families that are feeling more isolated and frustrated han ever. because of arguments like because of the discussions like these. continues that much more tension will be taken away from the issues that we should be addressing. >> you ow, it's interesting. it seems to me that this september 11 anniversary, so mme of the emotions are more intense and more raw than they've been in quite a while. the "new york times" had an article yesterday in which it characterized americans -- the united states' relationship with the islamic world as more frayed than ever since the invasion of iraq.
12:20 pm
this is a time when the emotion seem to be particularly tense. it's in part because of the still unresolved nature of this. the bush adnistration was not able to get osama bin laden and the obama administration has not been able to do so, so they have all of the unresolved feeling about it. >> thank you for coming in today. something we'll pick up today, too. enjoy your weekend. >> martha? >> we continue our special coverage of september 11 nine years later. in a moment, we'll talk to andy card who wnd with president bush that day and take us through the paces of where they went and how they made their decisions. then we will also move on and take a visit to afghanistan where the troops fight to this day. we rememr the thousands of lives lost and how all of this changed the world as we know it. >> we were on the roof of the it, a block away. what is going through your mind as we see it happens.
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everybody remembers the images and it comes back today and it should as it does every day.
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we also remember troops fighting the war on terror. this morning the troops are markg this day as you expect. we have to remember that me than 4,000 soldiers have lost their lives serving our country in honor there. it has been a long war and conor powell is live in kabul. >> a lot has changed in the way the war has been executed and persecuted over the last s.eight or nine or so words. particularly in the last year. now more than 100,000 troops here and nearly 40,000 international troops from 49 countries. this is the largest international forcever during this eight or nine-year war. violence hit new levels and taliban are as strong as ever. aouple of big changes here. particularly, the strategy. the u.s. commander has spent most of the last eight or nine years o cplaining there weren't enough troops or resources and there wasn't enough money to fight the war the way it needed to be work -- the way the war
12:26 pm
foneed to be fought. that's all changed. when president obama sent an additional 30,000 troops in december. a lot of resources here. the strategy is in place. and it's not just going out hunting and killing the taliban. they are going to ultimately hand over responsibility from fighting the war from the u.s. and international troops to the afghan. there will be an international presence in the years to come but the idea that ahans over time will take over this. the other big troops is they are battle tested on the fourth tour in afghanistan and iraq. the level of knoedge and experience that they have they believe, the u.s. military believes will ultimately be able to change this situation over the next few years, martha. >> we wish them well on this
12:27 pm
day. we thank them for the service. conor powell from afghanistan. >> talk about aough job. ongoing. nine years ago he was the president's chief of staff who brought news that america had been attacked. remember this picture. >> on page 153. >> he was in the middle of all of andy card is here today. we will hear directly from him in moments. ♪
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> on this saturday, whenever you are, the pictures we're seeing again are unavoidable. show you a liv look at grounds zero right now. in the foreground, you see the giant square, that is the outline for the south tower where a year from today will be fillewith the giant running waterfalls, some seven or eight stories deep in the ground. that ceremony is slated for next sepmber 11. however today thateremony in new york city including the moments of silence and the reading of the names of those ki eed a list that goes for hours and takes your breath away every time you listen to it. the services taking place at gon where the president wasn shanksville, virginia. we'll check out sites later inhe special edition of
12:32 pm
america's newsroom. martha has more. >> one of the most searing images of september 11 among many. >> get ready. >> 60. page 153. >> who can forget that moment? white house chief of staff andy card whispering into president bush's ear as he was sitting with the school children in that room. "a second plane h struck the twin towers. america is under attack." mr. card joins me now. welcome. od to have you with us. i don't know how you t watch. i can't watch that tape witthou getting emotional. it is such an unbelievable moment to watch unfold. what is it like for you? >> well, first of all, i was compelled with the responsibility that rest on the president's shoulders. uniquely on the president's shoulders. he is the oneth that took the oath to preserve, protect and defend.
12:33 pm
was mightily impressed withto w how he reacted to words he never wanted to hear. and there is n h doubt in my mind he was reflecting on his obligation as commander in chief and president of the united states. h could notknew keep his oath without other people keepi their oath. and that they wou beaking w sacrifices that we would never invite on them. it was a very, very difficult experience for the president, but i was mighty impressed with how he handled it. >> in that moment, he bore the full moment of the presidency in a way tha as you say every president knows is their responsibility. but they hop the moment neve comes. talk to me about being on the plane that day and the travel and there was so much, you now, confusion and chaos in new york and in pennsylvania wand washington, of course. what was going on the? >> first of all, the fog of war is real. we were led to believe that air force one itself might have been a target for attack. there was lots of confusion. we were anxioso get the president to a safe place where he had gd
12:34 pm
communication, air force one. we made arrgements get the crew back on the plane, as soon as we found out there had been an attack. get the plane gassed and ready to go we took off and flew high in the sky waiting for the fighter jets to catch up to us. we went to the barksdale air force base in louisiana. >> how would they never catch up to you? >> they caught up to us later on. after we took off from sarasota, florida, and then were trying to decide where to go, fortuitously barksdale air force base was inle the middle of anexercise, presuming a nuclear attack. fortuitously in the middle of an exercise, safe place to go. we were able to take the people off air force one. tapes remarks for the american people. held conference calls with folks in washington, d.c. then we headed up to nebraska to the strat com facility and went deep in the bunker and the preside was able to meet with his n national security team, secure video conference. he was anxious to get back to washington, d.c.
12:35 pm
he was pushing us to go back to washington, d.c. >> we heard recentlya about condoleezza rice's confrontation with him. she was back in washington. she says that she said you cannot come up here. -- back here and she hung up on him. did you have a confrontation with him? >> yes. >> what was that like? >> i was in the line of fire if you will. sandwiched between the president and the secret service. the folks from the air force. it was the right thing forto us to wait until the dust had settled. right for the president to get back to washington to ,end a signal, not only to the american people, to the world that our government was secure and in place. and that he was going to provide the kind of leadership that was necessary. he was phenomenal in his ability to remain ancool, calm and collected and responsible that day. >> i want your thoughts this morning we watched president obama and he laid the wreath on the pentagon in a beautiful service as it always is. it want to play -- he gave a speech that reflects his feelings about the warre on terr and where things stand nine years later. i'd like to play a piece of it for you and getis you
12:36 pm
thoughts on his approach to all of this. >> they may seekpa to spark conflict between different faiths but as americansnd we are not and never will be at war with islam. not a religion that attacd that september day. it was al-qaeda. sorry band of men in which perverts religion. just as we condemn intoleranc and extremism abroad, so will we stay true traditions here at home as a diverse and tolerant nation. >> what do you think about that? >>iswell, this is a day to remember, to reflect. it's a day to respect. respect those who made sacrifices. and respect those who are lo. it's also a day for to us recommit to the great nion that we are. and the president's job is to rally us and ton rally those
12:37 pm
who take an oath to protect us. the men and women i the armed forces, the c.i.a. operatives. the people who are out there on the front lines of this war on terror. this is not a day for politics. the president's remarks, i thght they were appropriate. i think it is appropriate that we call attention to the fact that this is not a war against religion. this is a war against extremists. and terrorists but we should rally to fight those extremists and the terrorists, including people in every faith. because we are able to prtice our faith, because of that constitution and we are the light that shines freedom to the entire world. we've got to keep that light nice and bright. >> well-put. an h card, good to have you with us. especially onsshis day. you were witness to history and we appreciate your being here on this very important day. thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you, sir. >> thank you. s nice to see you. wounded soldiers, wounded
12:38 pm
marines bearing their sacrifice for the nation every day in service. men and women inspired to sign up and serve for the country after witnessing one of the country's dkest hours. shepard smith has the story of two remarkable heroes. ♪ ♪ >> i remember watching the news when it happened. attacks 11 terror motivated kend coleman to in the military. until now, she had never seen ground zero. >> this is where the war i started. when i look at atde it definitely reminds you who and what we're fighting for. >> this 23-year-old army corporal is part of a group of wounded soldiers from walter reid army medical center visiting new w york city. starting with the world trade
12:39 pm
center site. >> wow!or >> we are here for heroes. we kick off the eventt ground zero to start off the whole tour commemorating the reason for many of them, why ey joined. >> you see soldiers on the news get killed every day. lose legs. lose arms. it's because of this. it's because they took our twin towers. and killed thousands of our pele. >> joined in 20 for anybody after september 11, that was always in the back of our minds when we joined. sobering while we're going about our everyy lives something that disastrous could happen. >> lieutenant joined the army in 2005 and was on his first deployment when he got shot. >> we were on the pakistan bord. we came in to direct contact with the taliban and had a firefight. >> there is no music playing like there is in the movies. there is nothing heroic about today's battle. it's just chaos.
12:40 pm
>> and this offers a stark contrast. seeing the structure and the construction progress at ground zero, bringsns simpson a sense of hope. >> i have bee a lot of places in the united states. this is probably the first time in a long time i've been amazed. there i so much damage inflicted on america, but america just shrugs and has all the resources. it just pulls together and we keep doing what we have to do to have a good life. >> for corporal coleman, good life means getting back to her you want in afghanistan. something she wants to do despite -- her unit in afghanistan, something she ants to do despite she lost her leg. >> i'm trying to set that up. may 11, 2010, we were called out to the a mission. i was a second man on the patrol and somebody set the i.e.d. off on me and provided explosive lwdevice. i've always been terrified of
12:41 pm
losing a leg or arm. >> it's important just to understand that to someone else it meant a great deal to sacrifice, not just their time with their families but their actual men is so immense, the srifice i has to be honored. >>i have two sons, seven and five. it's been really difficult. >> in the end, i contributed to them being safe, even to whatever degree. it's worth it. i'd do every moment again. >> special edition of fox report of the shepard smith airs later tonight from liberty state park in new jersey.te 7:00 eastern time. that is a measure of human strength. >> yeah. >> wow! >> an amazing story. you know, you just, you look at the individuals. it's all about the individual people. the people who suffered on september 11 who lost family members and these men and women fighting over there. and literally that woman put
12:42 pm
it so well. you say i'd give my right arm for you. that's what they did. giving a limb in t force of fighting for this country, and to preserve what he is his trying to preserve for his two sons, that's what it is all out. >> more from all of them tonight at #:00 eastern tonight -- 7:00 eastern tonight. >> on this day nine years ago he gave up the title of new york's mayor in a way and became america'ds maedr. and he led the city and the country really through some of its darkest days. former new york mayor rudy giuliani talks to bill on this anniversary of september 11 and how he copes with it, how it hasmpacted his whole life nine years later. >> i don't know if you embrace this day because of theha fridships that you found through such terror, or how you approach it or if you dread going babo images and memories? what does 9/11 mean to you nine years later?
12:43 pm
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how did you guys get out? >> on the way out. [ inaudible ] >> close to light. >> so many stories recalled again today. walk toward the light. two firefighters on the sidewalk of new york city descrimng the ect moment when they ran from the towers. they are alive to tell about that ory. earlier today, new york city mayor michael bloomberg was at ground zero. here was part of his message to the world. >> we have learned inch by inch that the best ways through the dark nights of ourerm sorrow so to link our hands with those who can lead us toward the day break of a new day. >> beautiful day in new york
12:47 pm
city. look at that. >> ocean blue skies and almost identical to the fateful morning in the northeast. neil cavuto president of fox business news and he i with us in liberty park in new jersey across the river on the hudson. we lose fact or sight this is a large rt, attack on the financial system and the world trade centers themselves stood for capitalism and that's why they were targeted. nine years later, neil. >> you are right, bill. no accident among key targets was the fansial capital of the world -- financial capital of the world. obviously to hit wall street dead center, talk about the capit capit capitalist but the human capitalist. the best and brightest. so many others were affected that day because of the hit.
12:48 pm
while we did recover the numbers after that, the brain w brain whatas killing was something we didn't get over anytime soon. it did put a chill on investing for a long time. as you know the markets were closed on september 11. they never opened. they didn't open permanently until the following monday the 17th. then started seriously cascading before there was a great deal of fear and anic out there, because not only th anxiety about the attacks but we lost some of our financial best and brightest. >> i watched your two-hour special today. one of the pointous made repeatedly is the markets are where they were nine and ten years ago. >> amazing. e price of a home is where it was nine years ago. it is amazing. >> doer you know, they were surpring when i looked a them if you took a snapshot where we were on the morning
12:49 pm
of september 11 andhe market tt are now kind of within a few percentage points of wherey were then, the average home is valued today, what it was back then. gdp, of course, is inching up now. then it was inching down. in the aggregate, clo to what it is now. if you didn't know any of the events that transpired from the early morning of september 11 before the attacks to today, you'd say well, not enough for a lot to happen in the interim. of course, we know a lot did happen in the interim. we went wildly up and wildly down. spkoming in terms of the economy and the market, but the reality is then and now that it barely budged. that is leading to renewed fears of long-term investors who wonder whether it's worthwhe to be in the market when after a decade they got squat for their investments or homeowners over the same periodeemed the squator their investments. it's calling in to question because of the big
12:50 pm
developments, whether it's worth it. >> let's get it going in the other yhadirection. neil, thank you for your time today. reate you bng with us. >> sure, buddy. >> neil cavuto is live in n jersey. >> as we pause to reflect in new york city. ceremonies also going on in shanksville, of course, in pennsylvania, and at the pentagon. we will take you live to washington where the pledge is to persevere for the memory of those lost nine years ago. >> jane s. piettie. >> lawrence ira beck. >> lynette marie beckell. >> maria a. bear. >> yolena belalosky. >> nina petrice bell. u know... u know... helps regulate your digestive sysusm. trust me. it is beyond tasty. m.d! this is really good! new best tasting activia ever! taste it, love it, or it's free!
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>> all rig, other news for a moment. we're awaiting n update fro the lieutenant governor of california for the latest on the horrific gas line break in san moreno. we'll get you answers on what happened there, how it could have happened. it looks like a war zone. look at the pictures of them walkingaround the site right now, devastated. litrally an entire neighborhood. ahomes up e flames, and people running out of the homes. a rescue team is still going through the rubbe. they're still looking for other victims, people who may have survived this. >> i think an earthquake could happen and we all ran outside. but it was like something buin the sid eof your face. >> a big flash of light. and i went out onmy deck. the heat was intense and the wind was unbelieveable
12:55 pm
and i figured we better get the hell out of co imi. >> in s bruno, what's the latest on all of this today? >> yeah, two big ieces of news so far today. the first is good. we did get word that they finished putting out all of the hotspots. they gotrid of all of the rubble and the ashes, and they were goingo house-to-house looki through the neighborhood and that's the goodn ews. >> the death toll stands at 4, and the officials thought it would be much higher as they went through the homes. four dead and dozens injured. and sever critical so the deathtu could go up, but no more victims found in the ashes throughle as they wten the neighborhood. the other piece f news. the national transportation safety board was in charge of vestigating thexplosion. and they told me this moring e not nailed down a cause, butin they found somethig very interesting in the initial stages of the investigation.
12:56 pm
they foundthat a c well had a clean break. that's the well literally between two pieces of long pipe. it had a clean break, which could indicate failure at the well. that's preliminary. and the metal tests will be taken back to dc and they will have a lot more testing as they go along. >> all right, good developments, and dan, thank you very much. >> we want to get back to remembering the vms of 9-11. and rick levinthal at the scenen in manhattan as we watched the towers fall. and we'll hear from former mayor, rudy guiliani on what the day means to him, and he can >>talk. >> i think about september 11th every day, a bad memor comes into my mind every day, and a good memory sow heals it. to the grand canyon twice as fast. uh uh-oh. we get double mis every time we use r card.
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>> and my brother-in-law, meuben, you had an extremely positive effect on so many young lives, and as a volunteer, you need someone named after you. reuben agelica. 13 america, we ask never forget. >> god bless them always, and we we mark the nine years today sepmu ber 11th. and you see the ceremony going on at ground zero and we are glad to have you with us today. >> the angels ar are flyithng ad the city today. president obama was at the pentagon today, honoring those killed on that tragic day nine years ago, and calling for unity in these most difficult times. >> nd awendell the white
1:01 pm
house, and i understand there was a small private eremony today? >> yes, the president observing a moment of silence at 8:46, precisely at the time wen american airlines hit the north tower. and hea placed a wreath at the pentagon to mark the time when flight 77 crashed there and took 84 lives. the president said the highest honor we can pay those we lost nine years ago is to stay true who we are as americans. >> they may seek to polite our freedoms, but we will not sacrifice the liberties we cherish or hunker down behind walls of suspicion and mistrust. they may wish to drive us apar, but we will not give in to their
1:02 pm
hatred and prejudice. >> later the president joined volunteers at a painting projects at brown middle school in keeping with the call to make the 9-11 anniversary a day of service, martha. >> wendell, thank you very much. >> there were hundreds of mourners today, perhaps thousandsa gathering at ground zero, remembering those who died at the world trade center. and sometimes the most moving images that the people take with them. many family members carrying owotos of the loved ones they lost. referring to how they were in life as opposed to the tragic way they died. everyone assembling and listening in silence as the victim's names were read. >> donald leroy adams. >> patrick adams. >> shannon louis adams. >> steven george adams.>
1:03 pm
>> ignatius adunga. >> christie aadma. >> it takes three hours to get through that list. again. >> hundreds of people gathered in pennsylvania this morning as well to reember the passengers and the crew of flight 93. those passengers fought back,j and the hijackers crashedi the plane into the fields in pennsylvania as a result of that fight. a memorial to the heros of flight 93 is under construction right now, an the first phase shld be finished this year. the 10th anniversary when we will see all of the very important buildings and memorials in pennsylvania. there you see first lady, michelle obama and former first lady, laura bush.
1:04 pm
they spoke at the service near that crash site. >> i come as an american, filld with a sense of awe at the heroism of my fellow citizens. >> nine years ago in the skies above this field, and in washington and in new york city, we saw the worst of our enemy. and the best of our nation. is. >> flight 93 wase on route from newark, new jersey to san fncisco on september 11th when the terrorists gained control of that plane and then the passengers on the plane, todd, with the words, let's roll, tried to change the course of that event. and it landed in shanksville. >> he is referred to by many americans, in the middle of all of it nine years ago, rudy
1:05 pm
guiliani the mayor of new york city then and he told us what it was lke in the early hours of 9-11. >> i think about people jumping from the buildings, and construction workers who volunteered. and gave us all a sense that we we're not alone.i >> rudy guiliani joins us back for a lk back on september 11th, and stay tuned for that in 2 minutes from now. >> over the ground zero memorial in new york city, right now, the pls are moving forward at the exact spot where the twin towes once stood. look at this. >> e wor trade center is being built by the port authority in new jersey, and it's on the way up. it will reach 1776 feet. to the east, tower two will stand 1,270 feet. moving south from tower two is towr 3.
1:06 pm
the 71-story building will rise 1,140 feet. today work is being done in the bedrock for the foundations of two and three, but four o towers oking ship. >> we all look forward to seeing it. there are many memorials to a 91 that are already built but you don't see anthem. and they're in secure locations, inspiring the men and women who defend our freedoms, but for the first time, the fox news cameras take you there. >> this room is called a 9-11 victims memorial. following the prosecution of zaczacharias mass oie, we needea place to put it for the victims of 9-11. we have on the walls here, the pictures of most of the people
1:07 pm
killed that day. and we have artwork found at the scene of 9-11, many of them han drawn pictures by children, so it's a very sobering way to start work, and it's a reminder that the threat it still exists. >> the first thing i see when i walk through the door is the memorial. and it rinds us th we need to be vigilant. the trust that the public has put in the tsa to secure the sky. we have the girr from the world trade center and the saved from the pentagon, the black fuel and smoke, and nally, there's a piece of the unitessed airlines plane that crashed near shanksville. >> when i see this piece of the memorial, a piece from the world trade center and the flag recovered from the world trade center site, this is why were here. this is why we're here to stop something like this fverom a happening every day. and it is a way to bring us bak
1:08 pm
to the very real consequences oo extremism in the world. >> that flag is torn and tattered but it's still there. and we have to remember the people who died under rubble like that. >> it's going to take awhile, but it's going to be worth it in the end. they think this may be the most visited site in all of america when it opens. silverstein owns the lease, but he has it dealt with 7 different governors between new york and new jersey over the past nine years, and you have thousands and thousands of family members who all want a say in this, and rightfully so. they're trying to find this marriage, this union that is not perfect, but in the end, it's going to be worthwhile. it will be a site to see in lower manhattan. >> it won't matter in the end, and it will matter that we got it right.e and he believes it's going to be the right memorial for generations to come.
1:09 pm
whe you're watching our show today, check out our website at and the rise to freedom on america's darkest day. great piece online for you to watch when you can. we also sat down with the former mayor, rudy guiliani, and his reflexes on 9-11 changed hm forever. and tough language for an imam who wants to build a mosque near ground zero. you'll hear that. robin ] my name is robin.
1:10 pm
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1:13 pm
and pointing the finger at mself at times for what he called his failure for changing the tone in washington. >> what ihave is the republicans holding middle class tax relief hostage because there are things that we've got to have give, tax relief to millionaires and billionaires. and are there things that i might have done during the course of 18 months that would you know, at the margins have improved some of the tone in washington? probably. >> well, there's some of it, and let's talk about it in a fair and balanced debate. bill, a consultant in minnesota and whitman, good to have you both here today. looking back at some of what the president said yesterday, phil, that theto that cla president made that the republicans are holding the middle class tax d ut hostage,
1:14 pm
and waiting for the package. >> i think that the bottom line, if you look at the tax distribuion in tis country, about 47% of americans in this country pay no tax at all. and tinkering with the taxes when there's so much on the economy, it's counter-productive. i thought it was very ieresting that moments after turning his west wing badge in, the president left the white house and the tax cuts for the entire package and do nothing o try to tinker with the very fragile momentum, if we have any at all in the economy. that's where the jobs are being created. >> that goes the issue, brnard and gettingi from democratic senate candidates, like michael bennett and ben nelson, that you can't raise taxes on anybody in this environment if you truly want to see this economy turn around.
1:15 pm
>> first of all, my thoughts and prayers go out stopt families whos lost loved ones on 9-11, bt here's what we need to do. we need to target tax cuts to the middle class. why on earth wyould we give away taxcuts to millionaires and billionaires,who llwi not notice 100,000 or $200,000 in their bank account. we need to foccus ontax cuts to then middle clas and progress and three, investing in infrastructure. >> why not use the stimulus dollars that haven't been spent for that? and i think a lot of americans, thought that infrastructure was going to happen in the first stimulus package, and they believed that the first stimulus package got hijacked by democrats and it was a big waste of money.
1:16 pm
>> look, in impound the unspent stimulus funds, and give a payrollayroll tax holiday. and tading immediately. and don't do anything to extend the bush tax cuts. three basicideas that would result in growth. which is the only way to get ourselves out of this mountain of debt we put on our kids. >> and today do very well for democra as ty head into the elections. >> a lot of the stimulus money has been allocated to the states, so it's hard to get it back. but i think what the obamas adamisatn's major mistake was in improperly setting up. and for example, i never would have said about the stimulus package, 8%, and exact, what we should have said, if you don't pass the stimulus, the unemployment ckrate will skyroct to 12%. and two, the auto bailout.
1:17 pm
this was an exsutraordinary success. $1.3 billion in the second quarter, and detroit adding jobe and they're paying it back, and nobody thought that it would be successful and in fact, it has proven to be an incredible turn around for detroit. and the president has not communicated that. >> you heard from both sides, the voters get to decide in 50 days. and counting. and so thank ou very much. bernard, always good to have you guys, and we'll see what happens. >> gd coverage today. >> thank you very mu.'l >> we'll get back to our coverage now of remembering 9-11. many of our friends and collegues were on the scene propertying for the worldto see, and many of our collegues watched the collapse of the towers. among them, rick levinthal. and he remembers what happened that day this afternoon. we were shook up. i never seen anything like this.
1:18 pm
it's unbelievable. >> how close were you to the building? >> i was in front of the door at world trade center evacuating people out of the building, and we got a lot out and it blew. >> you think there w ereild g?sl people in the building? >> in my opinion, absolutely, it was terrible, unbelievable. but sometimes afr a busy day and a heavy greasy dinner... my system needs some tlc. now there's something new. introducing activia dessert. rich, silky, smooth yogurt with desserty flavors like strawberry cheesecake, blueberry cheesecake, and peach cobbler. and because it's activia, itelps regulate my digestive system. mmm, works for me. new activia dessert. ♪ activia
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1:21 pm
>> all right, here we go again. i don't know at's going on, but this second building is collapsing, i believe. i don't know. i don't know, but this happened before. we saw the same thing happen
1:22 pm
>> fine, we can see the top of the building from here. >> oh, yeah. oh, there it goes! we do need to put it down now. here we go. >> i is got the earthquake rumbling across the city. fox news was one of the firsnt crews on the scene in mappman that morning, and laterep that september morning, rake rick sam falling and here it is as rick rememrs it now. >> i get chills every time i see the vide it's very emotional.
1:23 pm
it changed my life that day. and it changed a lot of people's lives, and being down there, and being close to it. standing a block from the toer, and looking up and seeing both towers on fire was a moment that i'll never forget. and being on church street, four blocks from ground zero and talking to people as they came out of the dust cloud. it was so unsettling, and we didn't know what was happening. we didn't have cellphones or beepers or any communication with the headquarters in new york. all we had was a cam and a microphone and this incredible scene. all i could do is try to maintain my composure and be a reporter. >> thank goodness he was there. and captured it like so many others so we don't forget. maintainnow, and he did
1:24 pm
his composure, and it was difficult for all of the folks down there, we give him a huge amount of credit. nine years after september 11th s. our nation is facing new crises, the faltering economy, and soaring prices and national debt. but the chair of the 9-11t commission said hat cannot distract us, from the top priority which continues to be fighting the terrorist theatr. >> no matter what we're focusing on, we can never take our eye off of the ball. the saf y of the american people has to be the top concern of the u.s. government. if this adding mix takes their eye off of the ball, e're in trouble. >> the man in charge with hconnecting the dots. remember how we herved that phrase every day. catherine. >> we spoke with the fctc, the national terrorism center, and
1:25 pm
it was set up after septembe septembe11th, as they contradicted to september 11t september 11th. and the lobby is a memorial rarely seen by the public. and it's a reminder why their is so important. and the country is safe, but not yet safe given the attempted bombing on christmas day and the shootingt fort hood. >> i think we have to continuously try to improve and also acce that we're a resilient country, and small attacks like that don't threaten us. cannly way that we threaten our socity is to overreact and give terrorists a victory that they otherwise wouldn't have. that's a fairly common assessment tha you lear in the community now. if you risk the assessment. the likelihood ofs smaller attacks here in the united
1:26 pm
state especially because of the threat of hoegrown terrorism is a real possibility. overreacty is not to to thos se successful strikes in the future. >> and you've covered those in deposit over the past year. the attempted attacks, and what new information do we have now about the american cleric in yemen and the underwear bomber. >> the new relationship between the senior member of al qaeda iu yemen and the successful bombing of flight 253 on christmas day. sources confirm that he was not only the one that led the mission that day, but he provided the 23-year-old nigerian with the training in yemen, with security and surveillance. he was the middle man between talalew and the bomb maker in yemen.
1:27 pm
the bomb makerhas taken on aner operational ole with al qaeda in yemen, and as you know, it's really the tip of the spear i terms terms of emerging threats against the united states. >> he is, and they ar clearly aware that the large part of te focus needs to be. cathy harris, thank you very much. >> you're welcome. >> 300 members of the new york city fire department were killed in the line of duty on september 11th, and think about what a large number of those that we lost on that day were firemen and policemen. hundreds responded to that day including tim brown. >> nine years later, the former mayor, rudy guiliani, his message on september 11th now. >> it's a terrible day. it's remembering the worst day of my life. some of thef worst memories of anything that i've ever experienced.
1:28 pm
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[ playing "taps" ] ♪
1:32 pm
>> that was the scene at the ceremony commemoratinheg those lives lost at the world trade center. and what a picture that is, the images of the world trade center towers burning and crashing to the ground on september 11th is one that america won't forget. and one man, rudy guiliani, led rthe country in the darkest hours. and i spoke to him about that day nine years ago. mr. mayor, thank you for your time. i don't know if you embrace this day because of the friendships that you found through such terror or how you approach it, or if you dread going back to all of those images and memories. what does 9-11 mean to you nine years later?t all of those things. it's a terrible day.
1:33 pm
it's remembering the worst day of my life. some of the worst memories of anything that i've ever experienced. and then it's just the opposite. some of the most heroic, most wonderful, most inspiring thing that i ever saw. so it's a very is confusing day. i don't really dread it. i guess the first couple of times, i wondered what it would be like to relive it on the first anniversary is and the second, and kind of used to it now, and kind of resigned to the fact that i think about september 11th every day. some bad memory comes into my mind every day, and some good memory kind of heals it. i found the way to deal with itn it comes into my mind and i think about people jumping from e buildings, and the construction workers who came and volunteered and gave us all a sense thatwe weren't alone, orthe older man, the story i found out about when i took the
1:34 pm
first group of families down to grounground zero. tthe older man who let the groue go on thel elevator beforehim. and the last group wanted to take him and he said something like, i already lived my life. >> those sries came from hundreds and hundreds of peole that we reflect on now. you were at ground zero early in the morning, and in the afternoon, you he a event for tuesday -- >> that organization takes care of the children of the people who died. tuesday was the day of the week, and they died that day. when was the mayor, we started an organization called the twin towers fund. and we wanted to keep it in existence for the purpose of distributing money, and we raised $227 million in four months, and we distributed every
1:35 pm
single penny of it. oeople donated their time. and if you donated $10, you would know that the $10 went directly to the families. >> helping to get us out. and there were people in the command center who are in some cases, people know about the heroics, and in many cases, i'm the only one who knows about the eroics. >> i was in atlanta that day, and we were on the air forever, as you know, and for weeks to come for that matter too. what i specifically remember about you that day, i think you had two press conferences, and it was late in the evening when the second one came out and i think what you said was, you were so calm. i was very impressed by that. because i did not know you at the time and i did not knw how
1:36 pm
you would react. and i think what you showed me and the rest of america is that we're still great, and we're still together. and we'll find the way to get through this. >> yeah. >> but it's going to take some time. and i'm paraphrasing your words. >> the last words that i have said was, i want new york to emerge from this stronger than it was before. and earlier, i warned people about blame, not to engage in group tlame because i and the police commiioner were very concered about the retaliation for islamic people. we have a small group in brooklyn and various parts of the city, and we actually it started to immediately put together a unit at te police department to focus on that to make sure that we protected them. the incidents and after 10 days we were very happy top find out
1:37 pm
that we weren't dealing with anything major. >> an incident today that has come to the forefront about what to do with this mosque near ground zero. you pend a piece earlier in the week, and the imam is now saying to move the mosque would offende muslims over seas and we at home would regret that because of the consequences. do you buy that? >> i think the imam has added another troubling aspect to this. it sounds like a threat. but if you don't do what he wants, americans are going to get harmed and hurt. and an awful lot of people will interpret it that way. i listened to it three times and i tried to interpret it different than that, and i'm not sure i can. to be quite honest with you,
1:38 pm
there are two imas, the good one and the bad. it the good one talks about reconciliation and faith and dialogue, and he seems to convince people that he's a peaceful man, and the bad one says that america was an accessory to september 11th and that's why i gave the arab prince his money back is what he's saying, and he says he can't call hamas a terrorist group, and i found that really hard. and he says americans have moree islamic blad on their hands than the other way around. and now i add to the bad imam partthis unfortunate suggestion that is the cet nter in mosque right there, they're going to be bad bad things to happen to americans. i'm trying to figure out if this imam is a man of god and healing or a man of confrontation. i believe that a man of healing
1:39 pm
and man of god would move it out of respect for the people who lost loved ones there, who feel really strongly about this. after all, i feel very is strongly about it. i lived through it.o mayor bloomberg feels very strongly about it in a different way. and governor patterson feels stroly about it in a different way. i defer to the people who lost loved ones down here. they tell me, 89% of them, this is an outrage. i think a man of god says, let them heal. that's what the pop dd when the nuns had a convent out of auschwitz. it was very offensive. the pope could have said i'm going to keep it there, and the pope could have said catholics all over the world are going to riot. he didn't say it. he move today. because he was a man of love and
1:40 pm
a man who felt, i have to heal, not confront. >> just to use your words, this is not about confcting rights, but sensitivity. >> absolutely, he had a right to do it.u ultimately, will that mosque be built? >> i do not fel it will be built. i think it's an irrelevant battle. i don't see that he going to raise the money, and i don't see that it will be clear if 2 he does raise it, and i don't think that construction workers will build t. >> good luck on thisre. i appreciate your time. >> thank you vetry much. >> and the friendships that you will retail on this day. thank you. >> thank you, bill. >> and thanks to rudy guiliani, 1:40 eastern time on septembe11th. it is still one hell of a city, by te way. >> it sure is. >> a beautiful shot thereof the empire state building in the background. >> rudy guiliani, i listen to hi adtalk about that day.
1:41 pm
he was such a gift to this city on that day. and you look at history and great men, as rudy gilianima is, he was made for that moment. and i really don't know what we would have done without him and his leadership in that moment was so strong, and when he talks about the families, he does it with such passion. he is so connected with them and has stood byy them to this day n the controversy, and we thank him. first appeared, i wanted to know how he as going to react because we needed his leadership and he delivered. and by the way, his presence let thousands and thousands of orkers see him tay and that means a lot to >> over 400 first responders lost their lives on september 11th, giving their lives to save thousands of americans. when you hink about how many people people were saved in those buildings, we ve these men and women to thank for that. we were going to talk to one
1:42 pm
firefighter who survived that day as we remember those whe gave their lives. >> myn- son-in-law, robert, you are always in our hearts. and you are always in our minds. and you can be so proud of your two beautifuleaughters. i love you. and it love ould have saved all of these people, then everybody would live forever. [ male announcer ] let's throw down some style.
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1:45 pm
>> i can hear you. the rest of the world hears you, and the people who knocked these buildings down will hear all of
1:46 pm
us soon. >> nobody will ever forget that moment. and that part of that day.h and remember that of thea nearly 3,000 victims of september 11th, more than one en ten was a first responder to the scene. police officers, firefighters, all rushed in to answer the call of duty. to evacuate those buildings, and get the people to safety. and they got thousands to safety but the number of losses are staggering. 23 police officers were killed. 343 firefighters from new yorka and also other places across the city. and 37 public safety personnel from the port authority were also lost on that day. tim brown was one of those new york firefighters who responded on that day. and we thank him for that. tim, welcome, and good to see on you this day. >> i want to thank you for having me. >> give everybody a little
1:47 pm
sense. let'nts go back to the moment. and talk to usa little bit about what you did. where you were, and your story. >> well, my office was 7 world trade center, and i was detailed in the mayor's office of emergency mnagement led by mayor guiliani, so our office was 7 world trade center.u and i was in the building when the first plane flew over our roof and slammed into the north tower. my job was to be at the command post and work with support fire chief commander. as i got into the one world trade center in the lobby,i saw my best friend, terry hatten, who was the captain of rescue one, and he said come here, and i went over and he wrapped his arms around me and squeezed me hard. and hispered, i love you brother, i may never see you again. and he went up and was saving
1:48 pm
people and trying to put the fire out. and terry never came back that day. ihad the gat honor theis morning of speaking with hisd little daughter, named after him, teri hatten, who is 8 years old. and never knew her dad. t.e was born nine months later. beth was just pregnan so her daddy never knew that he was going to be a daddy when he was here on this earth. and i was able to speak with his beautiful little girl this morning. >> and tim, you know, i think everybody owes youthanks, because you have made it your personal mission in life to make sure that your brothers and sisters lost on that day are never forgotteand we need to remember that the firefighters went upaiy the stairway as everybody was coming down, and workingre 50,000 peopl in those building. 50,000, andthe lives of thousands of thewere saved by
1:49 pm
them. the men who went up the stairs, knowing as your friend, what would probably happen to them. and it has translated into a lithfe of caring abut the memorial, and really one of your main focues is thing to make sure that the mosque is not built there. i would like to -- we're looking at some save the pictures here, and the predent spoke at the pentagon this morning, and i want to play a piece of that sound for you and get your thoughts on something that you're very passionate about.a >> just as we condemn intolerance and extremism abro abroad, our position as a tolerant nation. >> there's that word, tolerant there. and what are your thoughts in listening to him today? >> well, you know, tolerance of evil is suicide. we have to be tolerant. t we have to have our eyes open. you can't just be tolerant into your grave.
1:50 pm
so we have to be smart about th. no one said, and no one is saying, in the groups that i'm working with, anything bad about any other group of people. we call it like we see it. there are good people and bad people. and every color and religious belief. and we call it like we see it. now, before ayor guiliani iry thought was very good when he said, even when he talked about this, he said the imam i two different people. he's a good man of faith from one side of his mouth and them he talks out of the other side of his mouth not so nicely. i know the imam, i have met with him a couple of times, and i don't see two sides of him. >> tim brown, thank you for being with us on a day that is very i is significant for you.
1:51 pm
>> thanks. we'll see you again. >> the nation's highest ilitary honors have been until now. activia's great new taste? isn'this the yogurt that, you know... helps regulate your digestive system. trust me. it is beyond tasty. mmm. this is really goo new best tasting activia ever! taste it, love it, or it's free! [ madon't throw out ziplyour leftovers --gic. save more of them in a snap with ziploc containers with the smartsnap seal. one press and it's completely sealed. get ziploc. and get more out of it. [ female announcer ] s.c. johnson. a family company.
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1:54 pm
>> the firste medal of honor for a man who saved a comrade in afghanistan. and molly has the story out of dc. >> it was october of 2007, 22-year-old were ambushed by insurgents in afghanistan. he showed such bravery trying to save his fellow soldiers that
1:55 pm
he'll be the firstlistic service member to receive he medal of honor. the highest honor. prsident obama called the staff sergeant in italy to tell him that he'll be honored in a ceremony. he ran out in an ambush to pull a fellow soldier back to coer, and then he saw two carrying away a badly injured ameican hetage to hold him hostage, ran after, killing one andrg tending to the sergeant who sadly died the next day. his son called home after hearing from president ama this week, saying that he's humbled bythe awards, and only did what any other soldier would have done in that situation. >> remarkable. thanks for that in washington. >> what an amazing story, and how wonderful that he's going to be honoredded and he isliving to erec aive that. oplee are a lot of p
1:56 pm
receiving it that didn't survive to tell it. but what astory it is. >> here in new york see, i think it's a day we hold our breath for eve time it comes around. you're not sure how you're going to feel or how you're going to face the day or the emotions. >> some have rituals that they carry out every year. there was a beautiful gathering of families of firehefighters around the corner from ouri buildinglier. where there'sn a beautiful brone memorial and they were all remembering that day as we are on september 11th. >> a they're happening all over. >> enjoy the rest of your week. and we t're going to leave with you the sounds of the young people's chorus in new york city performing, hold you in my heart. ♪
1:57 pm
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